Tuesday, September 6, 2016


HOUSTON– Hartman Short Term Income Properties XX, Inc. (Hartman XX), a Houston based real estate investment trust, announced today that Hartman Energy LLC, an affiliate of Hartman XX,  has acquired Energy Plaza I & II office buildings.
Energy Plaza I & II, two (2) office buildings totaling 180,119 square feet were constructed in the early 1980s.
The property’s two-story atrium-style lobbies were remodeled in 2013 with granite and marble flooring, cherry wood veneer panels, and recessed lighting.
At the time of acquisition, the buildings are 95% occupied and anchored by a long-term lease with the San Antonio Petroleum Club. With the high occupancy and long-term tenants, Energy Plaza I & II suggests a stable cash flow base as well as value enhancement potential.
“Energy Plaza I & II is accretive to Hartman XX and provides the fund with the opportunity to enhance investor returns through more efficient operations, increasing contract rents and increasing market rents.  The property significantly expands our presence in San Antonio into a desirable area with strong growth characteristics,” said Al Hartman, CEO of Hartman XX.
Mr. Hartman continues, “We consistently strive to create value for our investors and the growth of the Hartman XX portfolio is our top priority. The acquisition of Energy Plaza I & II is one step forward in our plan to accomplish this.”
Hartman XX has now invested a total of over $100,000,000 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, the three fastest-growing metropolitan areas in Texas.
Todd Mills and Carrie Caesar of CBRE represented the seller, BRI 1841 ENERGY PLAZA, LLC, a subsidiary of Accesso Partners LLC, in the transaction and Dave Wheeler, Julian Kwok, CCIM and Russell Turman represented the buyer, Hartman Energy, LLC.
About Hartman Short Term Income Properties XX, Inc.
Hartman Short Term Income Properties XX, Inc. is a Texas-centric REIT which owns seven properties in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.
For additional information about Hartman XX visit www.HartmanREITs.com or call 800-880-2212.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Al Hartman, CEO of Hartman Income REIT Management,Inc.

Al Hartman is President and Chairman of our Board of Directors of two public real estate companies; USPC  and The Elijah Challenge.  Mr. Hartman began his career in the real estate business in 1972. In 1984 he formed Hartman Management and began sponsoring private real estate investment programs. Over the next 28 years, Mr. Hartman has built the company into one of the leading commercial property management firms in the state of Texas, and sponsored 20 privately offered programs and two publicly offered programs that invested in commercial real estate in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, Texas. In addition to his day to day management responsibilities, Mr. Hartman serves as the principal officer of each Hartman sponsored investment programs.

Mr. Hartman is a firm believer in working to glorify God in the work place by operating with excellence. This vision has led HI-REIT to succeed and not only achieve but also surpass all its goals. Sharing God’s blessings is one of core values honored at HI-REIT, aside from his work there, Mr. Hartman also supports various faith based organizations. He serves as Deacon at Second Baptist Church and is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Houston Area Pastors Council. Mr. Hartman is currently the president of The Elijah Challenge Ministry in India, and it is his personal mission to train pastors in India to promote Christianity in this part of the world. He is in the President’s Cabinet at the college of Biblical studies and serves on the Development Board for Houston Baptist University. He also participates as a member of the “C” club, Houston Breakfast Club, ADISSA-REIT Organization, REISA-REIT Organization, and Vision America.  Some former organizations he was in the Board of Advisors for in include the CHAIM Ministry to Israel and Houston Property Rights Association.

Mr. Hartman’s time in real estate and extensive charity and ministry work have provided him with a broad range of experience in the private and nonprofit sector. He Studied Business Administration at the University of Colorado. With his knowledge and expertise, Mr. Hartman has developed HI-REIT and many other organizations in the past thirty years from the ground up.